541 people at LIP6

220 permanent people

  • 162 teacher-researchers
  • 27 CNRS researchers
  • 6 INRIA researchers
  • 13 administrative staff
  • 12 technical staff

321 non permanent people including :

  • 198 PhD students
  • 28 postdocs
  • 23 contactual engineers
  • 49 interns

Actions of excellence

  • 3 ERC
  • 3 professorships
  • 3 LabEx
  • 1 Equipex
  • 2 IUF members

Publications 2012 - 2017

  • 764 journal articles
  • 1976 conference papers
  • 317 theses
  • 41 HDR

The LIP6, Pierre et Marie Curie University and French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), UMR 7606 UPMC - CNRS, is a computer science research laboratory dedicated to the modeling and the resolution of fundamental problems driven by applications, as well as to the implementation and the validation through academic and industrial partnerships.

The main focuses are :

LIP6 addresses these challenges at different thematic levels within its 6 departments.

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ERC - European Research Council: Advanced Grants

ERC Advanced Grants allow exceptional established research leaders of any nationality and any age to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in their respective research fields or other domains.

The LIP6 hosts three professorships

  • Colloquium


    Modélisation cognitive des unités de la parole
    by Jean-Luc Schwartz (CNRS)
    01/16/2018 : 18:00

  • Best science paper award

    Best science paper award

    Toutes nos félicitations à Taylor Mordan, étudiant dans l’équipe MLIA qui vient de recevoir à Londres lors du BMVC 2017 le Best science paper award pour son papier intitulé :

  • Félicitations à Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

    Félicitations à Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

    qui vient d’obtenir le prix Roberval grand public, mention « coup de cœur des médias » pour son livre « Le mythe de la Singularité: faut-il craindre l’intelligence artificielle? » paru aux éditions du Seuil.

  • Eleni Diamanti de l’équipe QI sur France Culture

    Eleni Diamanti de l’équipe QI sur France Culture

    dans un reportage sur  »La cryptographie quantique ».

  • Colloquium


    The Trouble with Hardware
    by Timothy Roscoe (ETH Zürich)
    11/30/2017 : 18:00
    Amphi 55B


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