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Team : ALSOC - Hardware and Software for Embedded System

Axes : ASN (👥👥), SSR (👥👥), TMC (👥).

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Lionel Lacassagne Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 24-25/403

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The activities of the ALSOC team concern methods and tools for multiprocessors system on chip design, with a focus on manycore architectures. Such highly integrated multiprocessors architectures are used in embedded applications such as automotive, nomad, audio & video, and telecom. The design of these systems requires the development of hardware and software co-design methods. We focus on advanced hardware architecture, communication protocols, embedded operating system, real-time constraints, formal methods for verification systems and optimization of code generation.

system on chip, multiprocessors, manycores, SIMD, GPU, embedded floating point format, embedded operating system, test, verification, compilation, code optimization, SDF

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