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« Architecture, Systems, and Network » Axe (ASN)

Teams : ALSOC, APR, BD, CIAN, ComplexNetworks, DELYS, MoVe, NPA, QI, RO, SMA, SYEL.

Co-animateurs :

Andrea Pinna Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 24-25/510
Julien Sopena Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 26-00/217

Short presentation

Future systems will rely on complex execution and communication infrastructures (network + operating systems) over reconfigurable heterogenous architectures able to support advanced features like dy- namicity, mobility, or real-time. In this context, energy consumption and quality of service are crucial issues. The execution of such systems is distributed over devices of different natures (from smart devices to large computer and quantum devices). This raises important issues, such as: design, deployment, tooling, maintenance and cost.

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