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« Safety, security and reliability » Axe (SSR)

科研组 : ALMASTY, ALSOC, APR, CIAN, ComplexNetworks, DELYS, MoVe, NPA, PEQUAN, Phare, PolSys, QI, SYEL, Whisper.

Co-animateurs :

Matthieu Latapy Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 25-26/305
Antoine Miné Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 25-26/311


More and more delicate missions are being handled by automated systems : life-critical (e.g. health, automotive or aeronautics), mission critical (e.g. space missions, sensor networks), business-critical (e.g. e- government or business systems). We ensure that such systems are available and behave as expected, which is challenging in view of their high complexity, their highly parallel or distributed execution, the presence of failures or attacks, operated into harsh environments, maintenance needs, etc. Also, privacy and trust issues are of outmost importance and should be tackled at all levels (hardware, networks, software, cryptography).


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