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Equipe : APR - Algorithms, Programmes and Resolution

Chefe de Equipe : Emmanuel Chailloux Site Jussieu 25-26/316

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The APR team works on thematics dealing with algorithmics and programming langages, from both theoretical and practical fundamental aspects, combining the langage approach (design, implementation) and the algorithmic requirements (modeling, complexity analysis) in a wide range of applications, such as programing new machine architectures, developing languages for concurrence and mobility and software testing. More generally, in the APR team, we develop formal and mathematically founded methological approaches, in the domains of semantics and combinatorics, in order to achieve concrete goals such as experimental software prototypes, as well as development of industrial applications.
The APR team revolves around two research projects : the project Random Generation (RG), and the project Web, Languages and Coherence (WLC). In the RG project, supported by the ANR project MAGNUM (Algorithmic Methods for Non Uniform Random Sampling, Models and Applications), we develop methods of analytic combinatorics for random sampling with Boltzmann method. This model allows for sampling combinatorial objects from their specification, using efficient and generic algorithms, with many applications, especially in software testing and complex networks. The WLC project is supported by an ANR project nicknamed PWD for "Programming Diffuse Web". In the WLC project, we develop new programming languages for the Web to enchance various aspects around HOP and OCsigen: formal semantics of Hop to ensure the security of the interactions between clients and servers. Around OCsigen, the PWD project studies how to handle the DOM in a strong typing context during all the lifecycle of the application.

Random Sampling, Combinatorial Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Models and Applications. Design and implementation of Programming Languages, Fiability and Efficiency, Programming Diffuse Web. Language and Computation.

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