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وحـدة : DELYS - DistributEd aLgorithms and sYstems

Axes : ASN (👥👥), SSR (👥👥), AID (👥).

مسؤول :

Pierre Sens Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 26-00/219

تقديـم مـخـتـصـر

DELYS is joint project-team with INRIA Paris.
DELYS addresses both theoretical and practical issues of distributed systems. The research covers a large spectrum of distributed computer systems including cloud and edge computing systems, mobile networks, dynamic communicating entities such network of robots, multicore computers… These new distributed computing systems are subject to many important features which include scalability, fault tolerance, dynamics, heterogeneity, and virtualisation at many levels. Algorithms designed for traditional static distributed systems need to be redefined to consider the unstable nature of the distributed system.

Distributed systems, Distributed Algorithms, Fault Tolerance, Replication, Failure detection, OS Virtualization.

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