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Équipe : ComplexNetworks

Responsable : Clémence Magnien Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 25-26/302

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Complex networks appear in various contexts and are at the center of many applied and theoretical problems. Typical examples are internet topology, mobility graphs, peer-to-peer exchanges, web graphs, and social networks. All these graphs have nontrivial properties in common and raise similar questions, which makes it relevant to study them as a whole. Morever, they provide key insight on essential topics like internet structure, user behaviors, society, and many others. As a consequence, they are at the center of an intense research activity. The goal of our group is to conduct high-level research in this area using both practical, theoretical and experimental approaches. Our strategy consists in studying practical cases of high interest (in particular the ones cited above) and to identify transversal questions, which we study in turn. We then apply the general results to practical cases, thus obtaining feedback which helps to improve initial results. Typical transversal questions on which we work are: how to collect accurate large-scale (dynamical) data on these objects? is there some bias in the obtained view? if yes, how to evaluate and correct it? how to describe the obtained graphs and extract relevant information from them? how to describe their dynamics and/or their global structure? which models are relevant for simulation and/or formal analysis? how to deal with computation on such large graphs? ... Despite their fundamental nature and their importance for applications, there is still an important lack of adequate answers to these questions. Moreover, this topic has a large potential for inter-disciplinarity and cooperation exists with other research groups within the laboratory. Topics of special interest: Internet topology, peer-to-peer exchanges, social networks, dynamic graphs, graph measurement, graph models, community analysis

Graphs, networks, algorithmics, metrology, graph models, dynamic graphs, graph measurement, community analysis, Internet topology, peer-to-peer exchanges, social networks, web

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