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Nhóm nghiên cứu : APR - Algorithms, Programmes and Resolution

Trưởng nhóm : Emmanuel Chailloux Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 25-26/316

Giới thiệu ngắn

The APR team works on thematics dealing with algorithms and programming languages, from both theoretical and practical aspects, combining the language approach (design, implementation and program analysis tools) and the algorithmic requirements (modeling, complexity analysis, random generation) in a wide range of applications, such as programing new machine architectures, developing languages for concurrence and mobility, from critical embedded applications to Web development. More generally, in the APR team, we develop formal and mathematically founded methodological approaches, in the domains of semantics and combinatorics, in order to achieve safe and efficient applications by combining programming languages and algorithms through theory (formal approach in semantics and combinatorics) and practice (concrete objectives producing prototyping softwares and industrial applications).

The APR team is based on three axes following a common research theme around concurrency:

APR Web site

Random Sampling, Combinatorial Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Models and Applications. Design and implementation of Programming Languages, Static analysis, typechecking, Abstract Interpretation, Concurrency, Parallel Programming, Language and Computation.

No envent planned at present.

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