CAIRO : Analog IP Design

Team : CIAN

Our purpose is to provide a language for designing generators of analog functions, that can be easily ported to new set of specfications and new technologogy processes. We are currently developing such a language that is called CAIRO+ The CAIRO+ language supports the four steps of a design flow based on net-list and layout templates. This language is aimed to help the designer to capture his knowledge, thus creating a library of layout-aware analog functions. It is based on C++ language. The design flow relevant to CAIRO+ is the following : ->net-list and layout template capture, ->design space exploration (managing electrical constraints) ->shape function computation (managing geometrical constraints) ->layout generation (place and route) CAIRO+ allows creating complex hierarchical analog function generators by using existing generators of simpler functions. It is an answer to the problem of Analog and Mixed IPs. As a demonstration of the CAIRO+'s capabilities, we are developping Analog to Digital converters, specially Sigma Delta.

Software leader : Marie-Minerve LOUËRAT