CARRERA Marianna

PhD graduated
Team : NPA
Departure date : 01/31/2012

Supervision : Serge FDIDA

Co-supervision : DIOT Christophe

SHAPE the Wireless Traffic in the Home Network"

With the spread of broadband Internet accesses and home theater systems, the importance of multimedia services in today’s home is continuously growing. Moreover, as media servers, network storage systems and high capacity handheld devices become popular, multimedia content is often hosted in the home itself. Therefore, home net- works are facing higher loads of performance-sensitive traffic, from/to the Internet and across the home devices. Such devices, e.g., home media servers, set-top boxes, phones and tablets, send and receive traffic mostly on wireless links, either by design or to accommodate the users’ preference. Therefore, home networks strive to provide such performance-sensitive services through a wireless technology, Wi-Fi, known for its unstable capacity, highly sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Defence : 07/11/2011 - 16h - Site Jussieu - Salle Jean-Louis Laurière - 25-26/101

Jury members :

Ramesh Govindan, Professeur a l'University of Southern California, Los Angeles [Rapporteur]
Andrzej Duda, Professeur a l'INP-Ensimag de Grenoble [Rapporteur]
Claudio Casetti, Professeur a le Politecnico di Torino
Metthieu Latapy, Directeur de Recherche au LIP6
Martin May, Directeur de Strategie a Technicolor
Serge Fdida, Professeur a l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie

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