SPYROU Theofilos

PhD graduated
Team : CIAN
Departure date : 06/14/2023

Supervision : Haralampos STRATIGOPOULOS

Functional safety and reliability of neuromorphic computing systems

The recent rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found a wide range of applications essentially integrating it gaining more and more ground in almost every field of our lives. With this steep integration of AI, it is reasonable for concerns to arise, which need to be eliminated before the employment of AI in the field, especially in mission- and safety-critical applications like autonomous vehicles. Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs), although biologically inspired, inherit only partially the remarkable fault resilience capabilities of their biological counterparts, being vulnerable to electronic defects and faults occurring at hardware level. Hence, a methodological exploration of the dependability characteristics of AI hardware accelerators and neuromorphic platforms is of utmost importance. This thesis tackles the subjects of testing and fault tolerance in SNNs and their neuromorphic implementations on hardware.

Defence : 06/07/2023

Jury members :

Lorena Anghel, Professeure, Grenoble INP, Spintec, Grenoble [Rapporteur]
Paolo Rech, Professeur Associé, Université Degli Studi de Trento, Italie [Rapporteur]
Bertrand Granado, Professeur, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6, Paris
Said Hamdioui, Professeur, Université Technologique de Delft, Pays-Bas
Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos, Professeur, Université Aristote de Thessalonique, Grèce
Haralampos Stratigopoulos, Directeur de Recherche, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6, Paris

Departure date : 06/14/2023

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