PhD graduated
Team : DELYS
Departure date : 09/30/2023

Supervision : Mesaac MAKPANGOU

Co-supervision : SHAPIRO Marc

Varda: a language for programming distributed systems by composition

Large distributed systems are often built by assembling off-the-shelf (OTS) components developed independently. The current approach is to interconnect their APIs manually. This is ad-hoc, complex, tedious, and error-prone.
To address this issue, Varda offers a higher-level language, motivated by a vision of safe-by design. To express a system, a programmer describes its architecture, involving OTS components, using well-defined entities and constraints. To provide safety, the compiler performs static verification, generates a correct-by-construction implementation and inject dynamic checks. To enhance programmers’ productivity, Varda offloads the boilerplate plumbing to the compiler. To improve performance, the compiler applies property-preserving optimisations (e.g., component inlining).
Our experiments show that Varda applications are compact, exhibit modular and reusable design, and have a modest run-time overhead.

Defence : 09/05/2023

Jury members :

François POTTIER, Directeur de Recherche, Inria
François TAIANI, Professeur des universités, IRISA, Université de Rennes
Cezara DRǍGOI, Applied Scientist, Amazon Web Service
Adrien GUATTO, Maître de conférences, IRIF, Université Paris Cité
Mira MEZINI, Professeure des universités, Technical University of Darmstadt
Ahmed BOUAJJANI, Professeur des universités, IRIF, Université Paris Cité
Mesaac MAKPANGOU, Chargé de recherche, Sorbonne Université, LIP6, Inria
Marc SHAPIRO, Directeur de recherche (émérite), Sorbonne Université, LIP6, Inria

Departure date : 09/30/2023

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