LYS Léonard

PhD graduated
Team : NPA
Departure date : 06/30/2022

Supervision : Maria POTOP-BUTUCARU

Security and reliability of cross-chain exchanges

en The technological lock that this thesis addresses is therefore the interoperability of blockchains. Each blockchain is an independent environment with its own network, protocol and rules. They were not necessarily designed with interoperability in mind. By checking the history of transactions and identifying the author of a transaction thanks to digital signatures, it is possible to verify whether or not a transaction can be added to the chain. But to date, there is no mechanism for coordinating transactions between multiple chains to make an exchange. A system for exchanging crypto-assets between two chains seeks to satisfy the following properties; atomicity, the exchange takes place entirely or not at all, security, the participants do not risk losing their crypto-assets and finally vivacity, the duration of the exchange must be limited in time.

Defence : 07/05/2022

Jury members :

Stefano Secci [Président]
Gérard Memmi [Rapporteur]
Marc Shapiro
Arthur Micoulet
Hammed Ramdani
Maria Potop-Butucaru

Departure date : 06/30/2022

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