PhD graduated
Team : DELYS
Departure date : 01/31/2022

Supervision : Marc SHAPIRO

Colony: A Hybrid Consistency System for Highly-Available Collaborative Edge Computing

Immediate response, autonomy and availability are brought to edge applications, such as gaming, cooperative engineering, or in-the-field information sharing, by distributing and replicating data at the edge. However, application developers and users demand the highest possible consistency guarantees, and specific support for group collaboration. To address this challenge, COLONY guarantees Transactional Causal Plus Consistency (TCC+) globally, dovetailing with Snapshot Isolation within edge groups. To help with scalability, fault tolerance and security, its logical communication topology is tree-like, with replicated roots in the core cloud, but with the flexibility to migrate a node or a group. Despite this hybrid approach, applications enjoy the same semantics everywhere in the topology. Our experiments show that local caching and peer groups improve throughput and response time significantly, performance is not affected in offline mode, and that migration is seamless.

Defence : 12/21/2021

Jury members :

Sébastien Monnet, Professeur, Université Savoie Mont Blanc [Rapporteur]
Etienne Rivière, Professeur, UCLouvain [Rapporteur]
Valérie Issarny, Directrice de Recherche, INRIA
Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Directrice de Recherche, Laboratoire d'InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information
Annette Bieniusa, Maîtresse de Conférences, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Marc Shapiro, Directeur de Recherche (émérite), Sorbonne Université, LIP6, INRIA
Pierre Sutra, Maître de conférences, Télécom SudParis
Marek Zawirsky, Software Engineer, Google

Departure date : 01/31/2022

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