DE ARAUJO João Paulo

PhD graduated
Team : DELYS
Departure date : 04/05/2019

Supervision : Pierre SENS

Co-supervision : ARANTES Luciana

A Communication-Efficient Causal Broadcast Publish/Subscribe System

The Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) paradigm enables nodes of a distributed system to disseminate information asynchronously. This thesis investigates how to provide a communication-efficient topic-based Pub/Sub system by addressing the problems of traffic overhead and message contention, present in several tree-based solutions. The proposed contributions build distributed spanning trees on top of a hypercube-like topology, such that the source of each message is the root of its own dynamically built spanning tree. Trees rooted at different nodes are differently organized. Initially, it is proposed a causal broadcast protocol which reduces network traffic by aggregating messages without the use of timers. It exploits the causal relation between messages and path intersections between different trees. Different from existing timer-based approaches, it does not increase delivery latency. The second contribution is a topic-based Pub/Sub system, VCube-PS, which ensures causal delivery order for messages published to the same topic and efficiently supports publication of messages to "hot topics'', i.e., topics with high publication rates. Simulations results confirm that the proposed causal aggregation protocol reduces network traffic as well as delivery latencies since there is less message contention. Compared to an approach that uses one single tree per topic, VCube-PS performs better when there is a high publication rate per topic since it provides load balancing of publication.

Defence : 04/05/2019

Jury members :

TAIANI François, professeur IRISA [Rapporteur]
ROY Matthieu, Chargé de recherche - LAAS-CNRS [Rapporteur]
RODRIGUES Luiz Antonio, Maitre de Conférences Université Unioeste Brésil
CÉRIN Christophe, Université Paris 13
BÉRARD Béatrice, Sorbonne Université - LIP6
ARANTES Luciana, Sorbonne Université - LIP6
SENS Pierre, Sorbonne Université - LIP6

Departure date : 04/05/2019

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