TANG Qingshan

PhD graduated
Team : CIAN
Departure date : 01/13/2015

Supervision : Habib MEHREZ

Co-supervision : TUNA Matthieu

Methodology for Automatic Generation of Custom Prototyping Platform for Embedded Systems

Multi-FPGA based prototyping is no longer optional for hardware/software integration. We can classify multi-FPGA prototyping platforms in three categories: off-the-shelf, custom and cabling. The cabling platform is semi off-the-shelf and semi custom.
Nevertheless, crafting a custom and a cabling platform is today a manual process, which is time-consuming. The performance and the cost of the platform lie on the FPGA expertise and SoC DUT knowledge of the engineers. Compared to OTS platforms, the added value, in terms of performance, of cabling or custom platforms can be heavily impaired by an inefficient board design. Moreover, FPGA I/Os are becoming a scarce resource, worsening the inter-FPGA bandwidth generation after generation. Therefore, it becomes more and more difficult to prototype an SoC/ASIC design at proper performance.
The contributions of the manuscript are: (1). An automatic implementation flow for an OTS platform is proposed. (2). An automatic design flow for creating a custom platform is proposed, thus increasing the productivity, enabling the board exploration, and optimizing cost and performance. (3). The cabling platform is proposed where one board is composed of one FPGA and several connectors, with an algorithm to automatically find a solution for the cable distribution. (4). Thanks to the developed automatic tools, the three different multi-FPGA platforms are compared. The custom platform always achieves better performance and lower deployment cost, but still with 3-5 months in time of availability. If the performance or the deployment cost are not rigorous constraints, the cabling platform offers an attractive alternative compared to others.
Keywords- Integrated Circuit, Verification, Multi-FPGA, Prototyping, Custom, Cabling

Defence : 01/13/2015

Jury members :

Laurent FESQUET, labo TIMA, [Rapporteur]
Adel BAGANNE, Lab-Sticc, [Rapporteur]
Gérard SOU, UPMC, (Examinateur)
Helena KRUPNOVA, Synopsys
Matthieu TUNA, Flexras Technologies

Departure date : 01/13/2015

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