PhD graduated
Team : Phare
Departure date : 01/31/2015

Supervision : Guy PUJOLLE

Co-supervision : NOGUEIRA Michèle

Network Security Management Using a Novel Firewall Cloud-Based Service

Cloud computing has evolved over the last decade from a simple storage service for more complex services, offering the software as a service (SaaS) platforms as a service (PaaS) and most recently the security as a service (SECaaS). In our work, we started with the simple idea to use the resources offered by the Cloud with a low financial cost to propose new architectures of security service.
The security of virtual environments is a major issue for the deployment of the use of the Cloud. Unfortunately, these environments are composed of a set of already existing technologies used in a new way, many security solutions are only traditional reconditioned solutions to solve the Cloud and virtual networks security issues.
The work done in this thesis is a response to the resource limitations of physical security devices such as firewalls and propose new security architectures consist of management of network security in the cloud-based services following Security as a Service model and propose novel architectures for managing these services.
We took the initiative to propose a completely Cloud-Based architecture. The latter allows a cloud provider to provide firewalling service to its customers. It asks them to subscribe to the offer by guaranteeing treatment (analysis) with a capacity of bandwidth traffic with functional filtering rules and other proposed by the subscriber.
The results demonstrated the ability of our architecture to manage and cope with network DDoS attacks and to increase analytical capacity by distributing traffic over multiple virtual.

Defence : 10/13/2014 - 11h - Site Jussieu 25-26/105

Jury members :

A. Bouabdallah, Professeur à l’Université de Technologie de Compiègne [Rapporteur]
F. Krief, Professeur à L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electronique, Informatique, Télécommunications, Mathématique et Mécanique de Bordeaux [Rapporteur]
D. Tandjaoui, Professeur au Centre de Recherche sur l'Information Scientifique et Technique (CERIST)
Marcelo Dias De Amorim, Directeur de Recherche CNRS
Pascal Urien, Professeur à Télécom Paris-Tech
Mathieu Bouet, Ingénieur spécialiste réseau, Thales Sécurité et Communication,
Guy Pujolle, Professeur à l’Université Paris-6
Michèle Nogueira, Professeur à l’Université Fédérale du Paraná

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