PhD graduated
Team : CIAN
Departure date : 09/01/2015

Supervision : Hassan ABOUSHADY

Co-supervision : BONNASSIEUX Yvan

Design of Analog & Digital Circuits using Flexible Organic Electronics

In the era of "Internet of Things", conventional silicon-based circuits are not the only option to realize sensor interfaces. Electronic devices based on mechanically flexible materials are an interesting approach to interface with sensors connected to our everyday life, e.g.: clothes, packages, skin and into the human body. In this thesis, we propose a formalization of the: -Transistor fabrication process using organic and flexible materials. -Analog and digital circuit design using these transistors.
The main contribution of this work can be summarized in the following: -Optimization of the fabrication and characterization process of 2 technologies: the first by shadow masks with an easy-to-fabricate procedure, the second by self-alignment and photolithography. -Modeling and parameter extraction for process variation aware analog design. -Customization of an open source VLSI CAD tools (Alliance©) for circuit design and layout of OTFT. -Design, fabrication and measurement of OTFT analog front-ends (OTAs, Comparators, Analog-to-Digital Converters,) and basic digital circuits (Inverters, Logic Gates,). This work achieved very interesting results and it opens a wide scope of future applications in the field of mechanically flexible electronics.

Defence : 09/01/2015

Jury members :

M. Boris Murmann Rapporteur, Stanford University, U.S.A
M. Hagen Klauk Rapporteur, Max Planck Institute, Germany
M. Hamid Kokabi, UPMC, France
M. Lionel Hirsch, University of Bordeaux, France
Mme. Barbara Stadlober, Joanneum Research, Austria
M. Franck Wajsburt, UPMC, France
M. Yvan Bonnassieux, Ecole Polytechnique, France
M. Hassan Aboushady, UPMC, France

Departure date : 09/01/2015

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