CINCILLA Pierpaolo

PhD graduated
Team : REGAL
Departure date : 10/01/2014

Supervision : Marc SHAPIRO

Co-supervision : MONNET Sébastien

Gargamel: boosting DBMS performance by parallelising write transactions

Databases often scale poorly in distributed configurations, due to the cost of concurrency control and to resource contention. The alternative of centralizing writes works well only for read-intensive workloads, whereas weakening transactional properties is problematic for application developers. Our solution spreads non-conflicting update transactions to different replicas, but still provides strong transactional guarantees. In effect, Gargamel partitions the database dynamically according to the update workload. Each database replica runs sequentially, at full bandwidth; mutual synchronisation between replicas remains minimal. Our prototype show that Gargamel improves both response time and load by an order of magnitude when contention is high (highly loaded system with bounded resources), and that otherwise slow-down is negligible.

Defence : 09/15/2014

Jury members :

M. PIERRE Guillaume [Rapporteur]
M. VALDURIEZ Patrick [Rapporteur]
M. SHAPIRO Marc , Directeur de thèse
M. FEKETE Alan Univesity of Sidney

Departure date : 10/01/2014

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