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Подразделение : SMA
Окончание контракта : 31.08.2014
Real-time simulation of autonomous pedestrians navigation: a macroscopic-influenced microscopic model

In this work, we focus on real-time simulation of autonomous pedestrians navigation. Existing models for this purpose tend to diverge on whether to build on pedestrians' characteristics and local interactions - microscopic approaches - or to focus on pedestrians' flow regardless of individual characteristics - macroscopic approaches. Our position is that the two approaches should not be separated. Thus, we introduce a Macroscopic-Influenced Microscopic approach which aims at reducing the gap between microscopic and macroscopic approaches by providing credible walking paths for a potentially highly congested crowd of autonomous pedestrians. Our approach originates from a least-effort formulation of the navigation task, which allows us to consistently account for congestion at every levels of decision. We use the multi-agent paradigm and describe pedestrians as autonomous and situated agents who plan dynamically for energy efficient paths, and interact with each other through the environment. The navigable space is considered as a set of contiguous resources that agents use to build their paths. We emulate the dynamic path computation for each agent with an evolutionary search algorithm that implement a tabu search heuristic, especially designed to be executed in real-time and autonomously. We have compared an implementation of our approach with a standard microscopic model, against low-density and high density scenarios, with encouraging results in terms of credibility and scalability. We believe that microscopic models could be easily extended to embrace our approach, thus providing richer simulations of potentially highly congested crowd of autonomous pedestrians.

Защита диссертаций : 11.07.2014 - 10h - Site Jussieu - Salle Jean-Louis Laurière - 25-26/101

Члены жюри :

MANDIAU René (LAMIH Valenciennes) [Rapporteur]
SIMONIN Olivier (INSA Lyon) [Rapporteur]
HASSAS Salima (LIRIS Lyon)
ZUCKER Jean-Daniel (UMS, Paris)

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