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Thème de recherche SRC - Distributed and Cooperative Systems

Team leader :

Fabrice Kordon

Short presentation

Dessin Bulles HAL

Our research team focuses on the system of interoperable components in research teams MoVe and REGAL. In other words, - Their design approaches in the context of international standards such as the Open Distributed Processing Reference Model (RM-ODP). - The definition of tools for verification and to increase their reliability. - Computer-aided deployment and implementation. - Design of reconfigurable execution infrastructure, based on virtual machines. - Implementation of services to guarantee their non-functional properties (resistance against breakdowns, coherence, migration). The members of SRC also participate actively in international committees for standardisation like the Object Management Group. Many research centres are using the tools developed at SRC for Petri-Net based verification or the prototyping of environments.

Model-driven engineering, Modeling and verification of distributed systems, Interoperability, Adaptability, Midlewares, Pear-to-pear, Large scale systems.

ATTENTION : L'organisation en thèmes n'existe plus depuis 2006, voir maintenant dans les équipes.

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