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Equipo : Phare

Axes : ASN (👥👥), SSR (👥👥), ASN (👥), TMC (👥).

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Thi-Mai-Trang Nguyen Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 25-26/521

Breve presentación

The objective of the PHARE team is to create and test protocols and control techniques for the networks of the 2020s. Future architectures take into account three layers, the Cloud with central datacenters, the Fog (term for manufacturer) or Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) (term for telecom operators) with edge data centers, and the Skin with femto-datacenters, a few meters from the end machine or object. On this three-tiered architecture, the PHARE team works on the problems of creation of virtual machines, their chaining, urbanization, control, orchestration and security.

Cloud networking, protocol design, mobile edge computing, network function virtualization, slicing, 5G, Cloud/Fog/Skin.

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