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Team : NPA

  • DataTweet - A public service for opportunistic communications

    The DataTweet project proposes to explore the idea of a ubiquitous public data service for transmitting short messages in a similar way to Twitter. Any user or source of the service will be able to send a short message at a very low rate to some destination address over various access networks: open 802.11 hotspots, base stations of LTE, car-to-infrastructure stations of 802.11p. The user or a device sends its message to the nearest wireless network at hand (for instance a 802.11 hotspot) that will forward it in a multihop way to the destination by the elements of the infrastructure network.

    Project leader : Marcelo DIAS DE AMORIM
    03/01/2013 to 09/2017
    More details here
  • TCOC - TCP congestion online course

    TCP code for online course

    Project leader : Timur FRIEDMAN
    01/01/2013 to 12/2014
    More details here
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