How to works with us ?

LIP6 offers different modalities for strong technology transfer activities.

Supervising a PhD student or trainee

You wish to host a PhD student or an intern in your organisation?
Contact us for more information.

It is possible to recruit a PhD student jointly supervised by your company and the laboratory.

This thesis can be supported within the framework of a bilateral collaboration, or a CIFRE.

It is also possible for LIP6 to host a Master 2 trainee, co-supervised by researchers and your organisation.

Exchange or hosting of academic and/or company personnel

LIP6 can host a staff member from your company under various modalities (thesis, collaboration, etc…).

Expertise and scientific/technological monitoring

Do you have data or an application case?

We can offer you an expertise service to analyse them according to your needs with the tools developed in the laboratory.

You wish to benefit from a targeted scientific and technological monitoring service?

LIP6 can help you, according to your needs, to implement a scientific and technological watch activity.

The laboratory's research network contributes its added value and expertise to your research collaborations.

Examples of tailor-made activities @LIP6: Annual report; Intermediate meeting; Additional ad hoc exchanges.

Conducting a collaborative research project

Do you have a research project and would like to discuss it in confidence?
Contact us to discuss your project.
At your request, we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Depending on your company's research and development needs, a collaborative research project can be considered.

These partnerships allow you to strengthen your competitiveness by benefiting from the laboratory's scientific expertise to produce innovative knowledge, technologies and services that can be exploited.

Examples of schemes and areas for your collaborative research projects:


  • Chair

  • CIFRE Thesis

  • Joint Laboratories

  • Labcom ANR

  • etc.

Research Areas

  • AI
  • Embedded Systems
  • Architecture and Networks
  • System Security and Reliability
  • Human and Machine Learning
  • Theory and Mathematical Computing
  • Financial Transactions
  • E-Health
  • etc.

Establishing a joint laboratory

You wish to engage in a large-scale research collaboration?

Joint Laboratories are a large-scale collaboration with joint resources for the co-construction of a joint laboratory between a company (SME or ETI) and a research laboratory.

Example @LIP6 :

Labcom ANR FIT: result of the collaboration between researchers of the ComplexNetworks team and the startup Bleckwen, specialist in AI and financial fraud. The aim of the Labcom is to significantly advance the detection of anomalies in financial transactions through scientific and technological advances.

Establishing a chair

A Chair allows to build a partnership around scientific excellence and innovation between academic and industrial actors.

There are several possibilities: bilateral collaboration chair; sponsorship chair; ANR chair.

Example @LIP6 :

  • Chair of Excellence on smart and connected mobility and autonomous vehicles


You wish to encourage a specific research theme?

You can make a donation through the Fondation Sorbonne Université. Donations can take the form of financial gifts with an attractive tax rate or in kind.
These donations allow you to support the research activities of a researcher on certain themes.