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LIP6 2003/005

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    Calcul efficace de corps de décomposition
  • S. Orange, G. Renault, A. Valibouze
  • 36 pages - 06/25/2003- document en - http://www.lip6.fr/lip6/reports/2003/lip6.2003.005.pdf - 483 Ko
  • Contact : Sebastien.Orange (at) nulllip6.fr, Guenael.Renault (at) nulllip6.fr, Annick.Valibouze (at) nulllip6.fr
  • Ancien Thème : CALFOR
  • In this paper, we propose a new method for the computation of the splitting field of an univariate polynomial over a perfect field. This method mixes two known algorithms (factorizations in algebraic extensions and computation of a maximal Galois ideal) in a faster one by avoiding their respective drawbacks.
  • Keywords : Splitting field, Galois ideal, Galois group
  • Publisher : David.Massot (at) nulllip6.fr
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