LIP6 2003/001

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    La valeur de Shapley et les indices d'intéraction pour les jeux bi-coopératifs
  • M. Grabisch, Ch. Labreuche
  • 32 pages - 05/23/2003- document en - - 299 Ko
  • Contact : Michel.Grabisch (at)
  • Ancien Thème : SYSDEF
  • The concept of bi-cooperative game has been introduced by Bilbao as a generalization of classical cooperative games. We study the definition of power indices (Shapley value), and interaction indices for this new concept. We extend the original axioms of Shapley for the bi-cooperative case, however it is still necessary to introduce additional axioms, so as to take into account the two parts of a bi-cooperative game. As for classical games, we use a recursive axiom for defining interaction indices. In a natural way comes up the notion of bi-interaction, describing the interaction effect between the two parts of a bi-cooperative game.
  • Keywords : cooperative game, Shapley value, interaction
  • Publisher : Nicole.Nardy (at)