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Thème de recherche SYSDEF - Computerired systems for decision-making and training

Team leader :

Patrice Perny

Short presentation

Dessin Bulles HAL

SYSDEF (DECISION AIDING AND TRAINING SYSTEMS) aims at dealing in full with real scale problems of optimisation, decision aiding and training, from theoretical research (formal models and axiomatic analyses, algorithms and complexity) to industrial applications. Its domain of research comes under both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operations Research (OR) and is organised around three complementary fields: - decision theory (multicriteria decision making, decision under uncertainty) and decision-support systems; - combinatorial optimisation (scheduling, complexity); - systems for assistance to training.

Preference modeling, Decision making under uncertainty, Bayesian networks, Multicriteria decision making, Combinatorial optimization, Scheduling, Complexity, Context, Interactive learning environment, Intelligent tutoring systems.

ATTENTION : L'organisation en thèmes n'existe plus depuis 2006, voir maintenant dans les équipes.

1997 January → 2003 December

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