OMicroB : OCaml on Microcontroller Boards

Team : APR

OMicroB is a specialized implementation of the OCaml virtual machine designed to run on resource-constrained microcontrollers. This implementation can indeed run non-trivial OCaml programs on small microcontrollers, and provides the embedded software developer with all the high-level programming paradigms of the OCaml language (functional, imperative, modular, object-oriented) as well as increased security through static typing and automatic memory management. The OMicroB compilation chain takes a byte-code executable directly produced by the OCaml compiler and after several analysis passes (dead code detection, partial evaluation, ...) produces a C code embedding the VM, its execution library and the transformed byte-code. This produced C code, highly portable, targets different microcontroller architectures and can be compiled and executed on a standard PC for simulation and debugging purposes.

Software leader : Emmanuel CHAILLOUX