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أقـسام إدارية
IT service
المـجـلس العـلمـي
مجـلس المـخبر

المـجـلس العـلمـي

المـجـلس العـلمـي
مثـبـتـون وحـدة
Kordon Fabrice مـديـر
Magnien Clémence مـديـر مسـاعـد
Graillat Stef مـديـر مسـاعـد
Amann Bernd Database
Bérard Béatrice Modeling and Verification
Chotin Roselyne Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit
El Fallah Amal Translate here
Escoffier Bruno Operation Research
Gallinari Patrick Machine Learning and Information Access
Ganascia Jean-Gabriel Cognitive Agents and Symbolic Machine Learning
Granado Bertrand SYstèmes ELectroniques
Grosshans Frédéric Quantum Information
Hachicha Khalil SYstèmes ELectroniques
Hulin-Hubard Francis IT service
Jézéquel Fabienne Performance and Quality of Algorithms for Numerical applications
Lacassagne Lionel Complex Networks
Lawall Julia Well Honed Infracstructure Software for Programming Environments and Runtimes
Luengo Vanda Models and Tools in Knowledge Engineering for Human Apprenticeship
Markham Damian Quantum Information
Marsala Christophe Learning, Fuzzy and Intelligent systems
Miné Antoine Algorithms, Programmes and Resolution
Moal Bruno الإدارية والمالية مدير
Muller Gilles Well Honed Infracstructure Software for Programming Environments and Runtimes
Nguyen Thi-Mai-Trang Phare
Perny Patrice Translate here
Pinna Andrea SYstèmes ELectroniques
Potop-Butucaru Maria Networks and Performance Analysis
Safey el Din Mohab Polynomial Systems
Sens Pierre Resources management in large scale distributed systems
Tabourier Lionel Complex Networks
Vergnaud Damien ALgorithms for coMmunicAtion SecuriTY
Ziadi Tewfik Modeling and Verification

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