RainbowFS Workshop on Consistency in Distributed Storage Systems

Intervenant(s) : Marc Shapiro, Diego Didona, Fernando Pedone, Carla Ferreira, Alexey Gotsman, Ahmed Bouajjani & Constantin Enea, Nuno Preguiça, Leandro Pacheco
Consistency is one of the fundamental issues of distributed computing. Theoretically, there are many competing consistency models, all subtly different and hard to understand. In practice, the well-known the Consistency-Availability-Partition Tolerance trade-off translates to difficult choices between fault tolerance, performance, and programmability. This workshop studies the consistency issue in the context of massive-scale storage systems for mutable and persistent data. This includes file systems, object storage systems, and databases.
This workshop is organised by the French ANR Project RainbowFS. RainbowFS aims to deconstruct consistency and to develop principled tools for the design, verification, deployment and monitoring, and to use them for developing a correct-by-construction and efficient geo-scale petabyte-sized storage system.
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