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Metalibm: Kalray's side

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Speaker(s) : Nicolas Brunie (Kalray)

Metalibm project goal is to “write code generators for mathematical functions and filters” ( Metalibm cularo, an on-going development at Kalray, is the part of Metalibm lugdunum developed at Kalray (a startup from Grenoble developing it own processor architecture).
This instance of the Metalibm project aims at providing libm developer the tools to develop standardized function implementations for new processor architectures quickly and efficiently, while targeting several library specification.
This project is complementary to Metalibm lutecia. Less advanced when considering function approximation, Metalibm Cularo is a code generation framework.
It provides an implementation description language, an abstraction of target platforms and bundles several tools to assist the libm developer (numerical approximation, code optimization, error evaluation).
This talk is divided in two parts. The first part presents Kalray’s core arithmetic focusing on the novelty of the newest architecture: Kalray’s Bostan processor (SIMD, FP64, ...). Then it introduces Kalray‘s problematics with respect to mathematical function development: developing jointly an efficient libm, an efficient OpenCL-C builtin library and respond to non ordinary customer requests. The second part goes into the details of Metalibm Cularo and how it can be used by Kalray (and others) to ease mathematical function development.

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