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Thread Vulnerability for Multicore Architectures

Intervenant(s) : Işıl Öz
Multicore systems yield high performance by the execution of multiple concurrent software processes in the system in a power and area efficient way. While multicore systems are promising architectures for higher performance, the soft error reliability of these systems becomes a major concern due to smaller transistor sizes and low power operating modes.
My talk will include work during my Phd and recent work, related to reliability and performance analysis of multicore systems.
In my PhD study, I was working on reliability analysis of multicore systems. I propose Thread Vulnerability Factor metric, to quantify vulnerability of thread and to qualify the relative vulnerability of parallel applications to soft errors, and utilize the metric for performance-vulnerability analysis of parallel programs, reliability-aware core partitioning schemes for multicore architectures, and critical thread identification for redundant execution in a partial fault tolerance method.
I am currently working on ARTEMIS PaPP project. PaPP (Portable and Predictable Performance on Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores) aims to achieve predictable performance portability of software running on different parallel platforms. We focus on performance analysis modelling for task-based parallel applications within multicore systems. Our modelling targets to find out minimal resources which satisfy performance requirements of an application and to develop task scheduling strategies as an input to run-time for better resource management and performance optimization.

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