séminaire MoVe


On model checking concurrent recursive programs

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Speaker(s) : Tayssir Touili, Chargée de recherche CNRS, LIAFA, Université Paris - Diderot
We consider the problem of model-checking multi-threaded programs with recursive procedure calls, result passing between recursive procedures, dynamic creation of parallel processes, and synchronisation between parallel threads. To represent such programs accurately, we define a model based on rewrite systems. We consider the reachability problem of this model. This problem being undecidable, we reduce it to the computation of abstractions of the sets of execution paths of the program, and we propose a generic technique that can compute different abstractions (of different precisions and different costs) of these sets. We implemented our techniques. Our tool allowed to find errors in two versions of a Windows Bluetooth Driver.

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