Séminaire REGAL


Providing Ubiquitous Access to the User’s Data with FEW FS

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Speaker(s) : Nuno Preguiça

Users increasingly own and use several computing devices. Having access to the needed data at any time and device usually requires creating data replicas. Managing these multiple replicas becomes an important issue and still remains largely a manual task.
In this talk we present the FEW Phone File System, a system that helps users having permanent access to their data with minimal management burden. To this end, our system leverages the user's personal mobile phone to store a replica of the user's data, acting as a personal portable server. As users tend to always carry with them their mobile phone, these replicas are the basis to provide high availability. In this talk we focus on three mechanisms that help achieving the system's goal. First, we describe our reconciliation solution, that includes a scalable version tracking solution that allows to efficiently check which files need to be synchronized. Second, a data source veri fication mechanism for identifying alternative sources for each fi le. This mechanism allows to reduce the data that needs to be stored in each replica, while still providing high data availability. Third, a data transcoding mechanism for minimizing the data that needs to be stored in each replica. This mechanism can also be used for implementing partial replication.

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