Séminaire SMA


Context Aware Computing

Monday, November 10, 2008
Speaker(s) : Ted Selker (MIT Media lab)

As we use a pair of shoes, they wear in, change in appearance though patina, and become more comfortable. As technologists we are now poised to make all things change to improve the way they work with us as they get used to us too. We are making a world where our looks, feelings, and actions give systems the experience they need to work well with us.
Keyboards and mice will not continue to dominate computer user interfaces. Keyboard input will be replaced in large measure by systems that know what we want and require less explicit communication. Sensors are gaining fidelity and ubiquity to record presence and actions; sensors will notice when we enter a space, sit down, lie down, pump iron, etc.
This talk will present examples in which our intentions can be understood and acted on by computers. The work reaches across domains to demonstrate that human intentions can be recognized and respected in many complex natural scenarios. Examples of context improving scenarios in the office, the car, kitchen and even the bed will be presented.

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