Developing a Model E-commerce Agent System

Vendredi 28 avril 2006
Intervenant(s) : Marcin Paprzycki, Maria Ganzha (University of Humanities and Economics, Elbl_g, Poland)

Since 1994 we are supposed to believe that software agents will become the next revolutionary information technology that is going to solve, among others, the problem of information overload [5]. This change will not only impact human-computer interaction [3, 5] but also change the way in which we construct software - especially in the case of large complex systems [4]. However, as it is easy to see, the agent-revolution does not seem to materialize. Even though, software agents are very popular subject of academic research, it is difficult to point to a successful real-world implementation of a large scale agent system.
The aim of our presentation is to describe model e-commerce agent system that we are currently developing. We will start from a few basic observations about current state-of-the-art of agent systems. Next we will show that it is possible to implement large scale agent systems, as modern agent platforms (e.g. JADE) easily scale up to more than thousand agents and three hundred thousand messages [1]. Finally, we will discuss our model agent-based e-commerce system [2, 6, 7], focusing on what makes it different from research pursued by others in the area of applying agents in e-commerce in general, and automatic price negotiations in particular.
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