Professor CONATI Cristina

Team : MOCAH
Invited by : Jean-Marc LABAT
Arrival date : 06/01/2013
Departure date : 06/30/2013

Research activity

My goal is to integrate research in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction to make complex interactive systems increasingly more effective and adaptive to the users' needs. In particular, my areas of interest include Intelligent Learning Environments, Adaptive Interfaces and probabilistic and decision theoretic methods for User Modeling. I am currently working on extending the range of user's features that can be captured in a computational user model from purely cognitive features (knowledge, goals, preferences), to meta-cognitive skills (such as learning capabilities), personality traits and emotional reactions, in order to widen the spectrum of information that an interactive system can use to adapt its behavior to a user's needs.

Talks : Elle donnera 2 séminaires, l'un généraliste sur la modélisation de l'utilisateur, l'autre plus spécialisée sur la modélisation de l'apprenant.

Departure date : 06/30/2013
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