PhD graduated
Departure date : 09/30/2011

Supervision : Pierre FRAIGNIAUD

Co-supervision : ABDALLAH Maha

A Peer-to-Peer-based Virtual Environment System

Virtual environments (VEs) are 3-D virtual worlds in which a huge number of participants play roles and interact with their surroundings through virtual representations called avatars. VEs are traditionally supported by a client/server architecture. However, centralized architectures can lead to bottleneck on the server due to high communication and computation overhead. Thus, P2P overlay networks are emerging as a promising architecture for VEs. However, exploiting P2P schemes in VEs is not straightforward, and several challenging issues related to data distribution and state consistency should be considered. One of the key aspects of P2P-based VEs is the logical platform consisting of connectivity, communication and data architectures, on which the VE is based. The connectivity architecture is the overlay topology structure, which defines how peers are connected to each other. The communication architecture is the routing protocol defining how peers can exchange messages, while the data architecture defines how data are distributed over the logical overlay. The design of these architectures has significant influence on the performance and scalability of VEs. First, we propose a scalable connectivity architecture based on a new triangulation algorithm reducing maintenance cost of the system. Second, we construct a communication architecture built on top of the connectivity architecture ensuring that each message reaches its intended destination. Finally we propose a data architecture ensuring the management of data with different characteristics in terms of mobility in the VE, while providing a fair data distribution and low data transfer between peers in the VE.

Defence : 06/24/2011

Jury members :

Mlle. ABDALLAH Maha, Maître de Conférences UPMC-LIP6
M. BOUSSETTA Khaled, Maître de Conférences Univ. Paris 13
M. FRAIGNIAUD Pierre, Directeur de Recherche CNRS
Mme. KERMARREC Anne-Marie, Directrice de Recherche INRIA Rennes [Rapporteur]
M. SHIRMOHAMMADI Shervin, Associate Professor Univ. of Ottawa [Rapporteur]
M. SIMON Gwendal, Maître de Conférences Télécom Bretagne
M. TIXEUIL Sébastien, Professeur UPMC-LIP6

Departure date : 09/30/2011

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