PhD graduated
Team : ComplexNetworks
Departure date : 12/31/2023

Supervision : Clémence MAGNIEN, Lionel TABOURIER

Static and temporal cliques: enumeration and community detection algorithms

Graphs are mathematical structures that model various connections between entities of different natures, such as the links between users on social networks, the interconnected stations in a transport network like the metro, or the billions of neurons interacting in a brain. In recent years, the dynamic nature of these networks has become widely recognized, underlining the importance of considering their temporal evolution in order to understand their functioning.
My PhD aims to better understand how real-world massive graphs are structured, and to develop tools to extend our understanding to time-evolving networks. It focuses on cliques, which are groups of elements all connected to each other. We explore their enumeration in both static and temporal graphs, as well as their utility in community detection. The communities of a graph group together vertices that interact strongly with each other, yet have few links with the rest of the graph. Studying them helps to understand the structural and functional properties of networks.

Defence : 12/14/2023

Jury members :

Arnaud Casteigts, Professeur des universités, Université de Genève [Rapporteur]
Vincent Labatut, Maître de conférences, Laboratoire d’Informatique d’Avignon [Rapporteur]
Alix Munier, Professeure des universités, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6
Christian Vestergaard, Chargé de recherche, Institut Pasteur
Clémence Magnien, Directrice de recherche, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6
Lionel Tabourier, Maître de conférences, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, LIP6

Departure date : 12/31/2023

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