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Team : NPA
Departure date : 12/07/2018

C-Continuum: Mobile Computing from Fog to Cloud

Q-Continuum is a computing framework that argues for synergistic mobile/autonomous systems using a cooperative approach. For example, fleets of autonomous air-ground vehicles employed in emergency, situation-awareness, and surveillance missions. Air vehicles can cover a large area with high speed being able to be present in both time and space while they have limited energy and autonomy. On the other hand, ground vehicles have long endurance and are capable of covering relative locations with greater accuracy, yet restricted to traveling on the road network. Combining the strengths of air and ground vehicles can enable new scenarios. For example, air vehicles can take a timely view of the disaster area to assess the severity of damage and can inform ground vehicles about the road network conditions around the emergency or accidental sites. Air vehicles may serve as relay points and be equipped (i.e. GPU) to serve as mobile edge-computing nodes, thus supporting air-ground communications and computational needs. In this work I describe the key challenges typical of connected ground vehicles and propose a solution for connectivity and resource allocation as well as introduce a case study for visual analytics on the mobile edge. Finally, I summarize the contributions and present the road ahead for the design and implementation of the Q-Continuum framework.

Defence : 12/07/2018

Jury members :

Suman Banerjee - Professor University of Wisconsin Madison - USA
Daniele Giusto - Professor University of Cagliari - Italy
Serge Fdida - Professor Sorbonne Université, Paris - France
Enrico Natalizio - Professor University of Loria - France
Hubert Tardieu - Scientific Advisor to the CEO at Chez ATOS, Paris - France

Departure date : 12/07/2018

4 PhD graduated 2017 - 2022

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