PhD graduated
Team : SYEL
Departure date : 03/23/2022

Supervision : Sylvain FERUGLIO

Co-supervision : VALLETTE Farouk

Contribution to the modelling of crosstalk between power supplies and sensitive signals in high-density interconnection PCBs

The high-density interconnection boards that Atos develop for HPC (High Performance Computing) applications contain processors functioning at very high currents and low voltages, along with high-speed serial links. With HDI (High Density Interconnection) technology, fast switching power supplies create coupling noise on nearby sensitive signals, that can lead to errors in the transmitted data, and in the worst case, may result in a malfunctioning circuit. Therefore, virtual prototyping is required to verify the signals’ behaviour in transmission lines, detect the parasitic effects on sensitive signals due to crosstalk, and thus allowing necessary adjustments to be made to reduce the noise.
Today’s EDA tools lack a dedicated application able to model the impact of power supplies on their neighbouring signals. In this thesis, we suggest a simulation method using existing EDA tools, that would allow the modelling of the coupling between power supplies and nearby conductors in HDI boards. The simulation method is first applied to a case study board, then to a more complex one. This virtual prototyping method simplifies the coupling mode detection and allows us to test solutions to reduce the coupling noise, prior to their implementation.
Keywords: signal and power integrity, crosstalk, high density interconnection PCBs, switching power supplies, simulation flow.

Defence : 03/28/2022

Jury members :

Mme Sonia BEN DHIA, Professeure des Universités, INSA Toulouse [rapporteur]
Mme Geneviève DUCHAMP, Professeure des Universités, Université de Bordeaux [rapporteur]
M. Marc HELIER, Professeur des Universités, Sorbonne Université
Mme Mounira BERKANI, Maître de Conférences (HDR), Université Paris Saclay
M. Moncef KADI, Professeur des Universités, ESIGELEC Rouen
M. Sylvain FERUGLIO, Maître de Conférences (HDR), Sorbonne Université
M. Farouk VALLETTE, Maître de Conférences, Sorbonne Université
M. Pascal GUILBAULT, Ingénieur Docteur, Atos

Departure date : 03/23/2022

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