REBIERE Valentin

PhD graduated
Team : SYEL
Departure date : 06/30/2021

Supervision : Andrea PINNA

Co-supervision : GRANADO Bertrand, DROUOT Antoire

Image processing for a RGB-Z mixed matrix

An RGB-Z system is a vision system-on-chip that captures both color and depth information. Recently, the idea of combining color and depth acquisition at the pixel level and in the same array has emerged. Such a sensor would allow a more compact integration while reducing the calibration problems compared to a system composed of two sensors. In this thesis, we focus on the problems of reconstructing the missing color information due to the heterogeneity of the pixel matrix. In a first step, we proposed different RGB-Z matrices. In a second step, several algorithms for the reconstruction of the missing information inspired by the state of the art have been adapted and implemented. Moreover an original adaptive algorithm to improve the quality of the reconstructed images is presented. Finally, a first hardware implementation of the algorithm is proposed.

Defence : 06/30/2021 - 09h30 - Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, salle Jacques Pitrat (25-26/105)

Jury members :

Virginie Fresse, Maitre de conférences (HDR), Université Jean-Monnet-Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne [rapporteur]
Gilles Sicard, Directeur de recherche (HDR), CEA Leti, Grenoble [rapporteur]
Catherine Achard, Professeure des universités, ISIR Sorbonne Université, Paris
Christine Guillemot, Directrice de recherche, INRIA, Rennes
François Berry, Professeur des universités, Institut Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand
Andrea Pinna, Maitre de conférences (HDR), LIP6 Sorbonne Université, Paris
Bertrand Granado, Professeur des universités, LIP6 Sorbonne Université, Paris
Antoine Drouot, Ingénieur, STMicroelectronics, Montrouge

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