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PhD graduated
Team : MLIA
Departure date : 09/30/2013
Supervision : Matthieu CORD
Co-supervision : NICCOLUCCI Franco

3D and semantic web: new tools to document artifacts and to explore cultural heritage collections

The role of museums and libraries is shifting from that of an institution which mainly collects and stores artefacts and works of art towards a more accessible place where visitors can experience heritage and find cultural knowledge in more engaging and interactive ways. Due to this shift, ICT have an important role to play both in assisting in the documentation and preservation of information, by providing images and 3D models about historical artefacts and works of art, and in creating interactive ways to inform the general public of the significance that these objects have for humanity. The process of building a 3D collection draws on many different technologies and digital sources. From the perspective of the ICT professional, technologies such as photogrammetry, scanning, modelling, visualisation, and interaction techniques must be used jointly. Furthermore, data exchange formats become essential to ensure that the digital sources are seamlessly integrated. This PhD thesis aims to address the documentation of works of art by proposing a methodology for the acquisition, processing, and documentation of heritage objects and archaeological sites using 3D information. The main challenge is to convey the importance of 3D model that is "fit for purpose" and that is created with a specific function in mind (i.e. very high definition and accurate models for : academic studies, monitoring conservation conditions over time and preliminary studies for restoration; medium resolution for on-line web catalogues). Hence, this PhD thesis investigate the integration of technologies for 3D capture, processing, integration between different sources, semantic organization of meta-data, and preservation of data provenance.
Defence : 09/30/2013 - 10h - Site Jussieu - Salle Jean-Louis Laurière - 25-26/101
Jury members :
Prof. Frédéric PRECIOSO (Laboratoire d'Informatique, Signaux et Systèmes de Sophia-Antipolis, I3S) [Rapporteur]
Dr. Nicolas PAPARODITIS (IGN, MATIS) [Rapporteur]
Prof. Franco NICCOLUCCI (The Cyprus Institute, STARC)
Dr. Morwena JOLY-PARVEX (Centre des Monuments Nationaux)
Prof. Matthieu CORD (UPMC, LIP6

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