PhD graduated
Team : SYEL
Departure date : 12/25/2018

Supervision : Bertrand GRANADO

Co-supervision : DUDRET Stéphane, BOURDEL Emmanuelle

Conception d'une solution RFID UHF pour l'optimisation de la logistique des bouteilles métaliques

In the current context of digital transformation, Air Liquide explores the use of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) in the gas cylinders supply chain, as a replacement for the current, barcode-based, tracking and inventory solution. Digitalization will also provide the company an opportunity to develop its IOT ecosystem through enriched interaction between assets and their management system.
UHF RFID is nowadays commonplace in logistics. However, metal surroundings as found in the gas cylinder’s case, yield disturbances in the RF communication, and decreased inventory performances. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the adverse effects of metal surroundings to propose an ad-hoc solution. In addition, dealing with low levels of energy in the RF communication suggests leveraging both hardware and software aspects of RFID devices for potential performance improvements.
On the basis of our theoretical study, we focus on the design and testing of an industrial UHF RFID tag suitable for the gas cylinder use case. To enable an even richer, more interactive supply chain, we also design and test an energy harvesting device for the UHF band, to power a tag enriched with an active sensor, without the logistic burden of a battery of limited durability.

Defence : 04/04/2018 - 14h - Site Jussieu - tour 55 salle 211 à l’UFR 919

Jury members :

Valérie VIGNERAS (IMS) [Rapporteur]
Yvan DUROC AMPERE [Rapporteur]
Stéphane DUDRET (CRPS Air Liquide)
Emmanuelle BOURDEL (ETIS)

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