KHELLADI Djamel Eddine

PhD graduated
Team : MoVe
Departure date : 10/01/2016

Supervision : Reda BENDRAOU

Co-supervision : GERVAIS Marie-Pierre

Co-evolution of OCL constraints with evolution of metamodels

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm promotes the use of models and modeling languages during the development process aiming at a better quality and productivity. Metamodels are core components of any modeling language ecosystem to define structural aspects of a business domain. As a complement, the Object Constraint Language (OCL) is used to specify detailed aspects of the business domain, e.g. more than 750 constraints come with the UML metamodel. Unfortunately, metamodels are subject to a constant change and evolution which impacts the defined OCL constraints that may need to be co-evolved as well. Although several approaches have been proposed to detect metamodel changes during evolution and to use them to co-evolve OCL constraints, they still cannot detect a complete and a correct evolution trace of the metamodel while proposing a unique resolution per impacted OCL constraint whereas multiple and alternative ones can be applied.
In this thesis, we propose an approach to detect metamodel changes during evolution while aiming at completeness and high precision. Our detection approach considers both atomic and complex changes during evolution. In addition, we propose a dedicated approach to co-evolve OCL constraints while considering alternative resolutions and ensuring that only the appropriate resolutions are proposed to the user for each impacted OCL constraint. Our validation shows on the one hand that a 100% recall is always reached in our case studies with an average precision of 70.75%, which is improved by our heuristics up to 91% and 100% in some cases. On the other hand, an average of 92% and 93% of respectively syntactically and semantically correct OCL co-evolution are reached in our case studies. Both approaches are implemented as plugins for the Eclipse IDE a wide-spread software development environment. The plugins are under test by our industrial partners in the ANR MoNoGe project.

Defence : 09/30/2016 - 14h - Site Jussieu - Salle Gérard Noguez - 26-00/101

Jury members :

M. Jordi Cabot, Professeur ICREA, Université de Catalogne [Rapporteur]
M. Houari Sahraoui, Professeur, Université de Montréal [Rapporteur]
M. Alexander Egyed, Professeur, Université de Johannes Kepler
M. Olivier Barais, Professeur, Université de Rennes 1, Examinateur,
M. Jacques Malenfant, Professeur, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
M. Reda Bendraou, Professeur, Université Paris X
Mme. Marie-Pierre Gervais, Professeur, Université Paris X

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