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DARCHE Philippe

PhD graduated - MASI
Associate Professor
Supervision : Claude GIRAULT

Le Paradigme Acteur appliqué aux Systèmes Embarqués Communicants : ActNet, un Réseau d'Acteurs Robotiques

Our work concerns a hardware and software actors network. The notion of actor is a recent parallelism approach based on the model of social organisations, which allows one to naturally resolve classical problems of distributed architectures by combining the notions of object, message and activity. We have applied this concept to robotics with a network of communicating mobile and sedentary robotic actors : the ActNet network. We propose an implementation of this system to be used as a pedagogical tool to learn the notions of parallelism and communication. This system could also be used as a framework for the development of mobile robotics, especially applied to Decentralized Artificial Intelligence, as we provide hardware and software layers necessary to support the development of systems and/or languages in Lisp, Smalltalk or Prolog. A transputer based generic control board and a mobile robot prototype, "Tatou", with all its electronic boards have been developed.
Defence : 03/02/1994 - 10h
Jury members :
Claude Girault, Professeur UPMC - MASI
H. H. Quang, Professeur [Rapporteur]
M. Vivet, Professeur [Rapporteur]
Pascal Estraillier, MC UPMC - MASI
Ph. Coiffet
J. D. Nicoud (EPFL)
Mme M.F. Le Roch, Maître de Conférences [UPMC]

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