SIX Lancelot

PhD graduated
Team : SMA
Departure date : 11/06/2014

Supervision : Zahia GUESSOUM

Vers un modèle de comportements de véhicules lourds utilisant une méthode incrémentale basée sur la vérification de l'hystérésis : le modèle ArchiPL

Congestion phenomena are a major issue modern societies have to face. Understanding them, their creation, their evolution and their real impact are major questions addressed by the scientific community since the half of the twentieth century. A large number of simulation models have been developed to reproduce and study the traffic dynamics. Among them, microscopic model are designed to reproduce macroscopic phenomena such as congestion by reproducing individual vehicles' behavior. However, despite the negative influence of large vehicles on the flow, very few models took them into account. Those vehicles are usually dealt with as any other vehicle, except for a few parameters. In this thesis, we reconsider this hypothesis and try to identify how the behavior of large vehicles differs from other vehicles' behavior. We propose the Vim4MAS development methodology to help in this process. This method is used to improve a generic vehicle's behavior model and refine it until it can reproduce the most important aspects of the large vehicles' behaviors. To understand and identify key properties of longitudinal behaviors of vehicles, we have developed an analysis methodology based on the study of hysteresis phenomena. This analysis methodology allows to highlight key properties such as anticipation capabilities of drivers. The outcome of this work is the ArchiPL model for large vehicles' behaviors. This models shows an improvement of the behaviour quality at the microscopic level, while being consistent with the literature with respect to emergent phenomena.

Defence : 11/05/2014

Jury members :

M. Flavien Balbo [Rapporteur]
M. René Mandiau [Rapporteur]
Mme. Zahia Guessoum
M. Nadir Farhi
M. Abderrafiâa Koukam
M. Mikal Ziane
M. Sio-Song Ieng
M. Julien Saunier

Departure date : 11/06/2014

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