TAHIR Hassane

PhD graduated
Departure date : 02/05/2014

Supervision : Patrick BRÉZILLON

Support in the contextualization of database administration

The complexity of database administration tasks requires the development of tools for supporting database experts. When problems occur, the database administrator (DBA) is frequently the first person blamed. Most DBAs work in a fire-fighting mode and have little opportunity to be proactive. They must be constantly ready to analyze and correct failures based on a large set of procedures. In addition, they are continually readjusting these procedures and developing practices to manage a multitude of specific situations that differ from the generic situation by some few contextual elements. These practices have to deal with these contextual elements in order to solve the problem at hand. The research thesis aims to use Contextual Graphs formalism in order to improve existing procedures used in database administration. The thesis shows also the importance of using the contextual graphs to capture user practices in order to be reused in the working environments. Up to now, this improvement is achieved by a DBA through practices that adapt procedures to the context in which tasks should be performed and the incidents appear. This work will be the basis for designing and implementing a context-based intelligent system for supporting database administrators.

Defence : 11/04/2013

Jury members :

Philippe DEVIMEUX, Directeur de Projets (STERIA) [Rapporteur]
Ana Carolina SALGADO, Professeur à l'UFPE (BRESIL) [Rapporteur]
Patrick BREZILLON, Professeur à l'UPMC (Paris 6)
Marcin DETYNIECKI - Chargé de Recherche - HDR (CNRS)
Alain-Jérôme FOUGERES, Professeur à l'Ecole Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires (ESTA-BELFORT)

Departure date : 02/05/2014

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