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  • Ajouter à votre agenda04/12/2023 - Type Theory in Climate Impact Research: From Program Correctness to Policy Advice
    Horaire : 14 h
    Intervenant(s) : Cezar Ionescu (Technische Hochschule Deggendorf)
    Type theory is a higher-order logic that can express functional programs, their properties, and, at the same time, proofs of those properties. I will present a brief overview of its applications to climate impact research, focusing on the formalization of concepts such as ``vuln...
    Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, salle 24-25/405
  • Ajouter à votre agenda14/12/2023 - Logics for Strategic Reasoning: Recent Developments and Application to Mechanism Design
    Horaire : 13 h
    Intervenant(s) : Munyque Mittelmann (Univ. of Naples Frederico II)
    In recent years a wealth of logic-based languages have been introduced to reason about the strategic abilities of autonomous agents in multi-agent systems. This talk presents some of these important logical formalisms, namely, the Alternating-time Temporal Logic and Strategy Logi...
    Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, Salle 24(25/405
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