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Khoa chuyên ngành «Mạng và hệ thống phân bố»

Trưởng nhóm : Sébastien Tixeuil Campus Pierre et Marie Curie 26-00/113

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The "Networks and Systems" department gathers LIP6 research activities related to networks, systems, and distributed systems. We analyze and design solutions for constructing and managing networks, systems, and distributed systems of the future. Those themes are represented by five complementary teams: NPA and Phare focus on networks, REGAL and Whisper dedicate their research activity to Systems, while Almasty's focal point is communication security and cryptography. REGAL and Whisper teams are joint with Inria Paris.

Model engineering, modeling and checking of distributed systems, tương thích, thích nghi, middleware, peer-to-Peer, GRID, Mạng Internet, Chất lượng dịch vụ, di động, Đo lường, Mạng vô tuyến, Mạng Internet thế hệ mới, mạng cảm ứng và định vị.

Các sự kiện tổ chức tại LIP6 (NetSys)

  • Ajouter à votre agenda06-04-2018 - High performance network functions with Vector Packet Processing (VPP)
    Thời gian : 10:30
    Người thuyết trình : Jérôme TOLLET, Cisco Paris Innovation Research Lab
    Vector Packet Processing (VPP) is a high performance data-plane running on commodity hardware. VPP is a framework for building bespoke network functions. This talk will give an introduction to VPP architecture and function and give examples of how virtual network functions can be...
    25-26/515 -
  • Ajouter à votre agenda06-04-2018 - Platform for Network Data Analytics (PNDA) : Learn to Bootstrap an Open Source Big Data Platform
    Thời gian : 11:45
    Người thuyết trình : Jérémie GARNIER, Cisco Paris Innovation Research Lab
    Innovation in the big data space is rapid, but combining multiple technologies into an end‐to‐end solution is extremely complex and time consuming. The vision of PNDA, the open source big data analytics platform, is to remove this complexity and allow developers to focus on their...
    25-26/515 -
  • Ajouter à votre agenda10-04-2018 - Video Streaming over Software Defined Networks
    Thời gian : 14:30
    Người thuyết trình : Muge Fesci Sayit (Ege University, Turkey)
    Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a recently emerged paradigm introducing the separation of the data plane and the control plane of computer networks. By putting the network intelligence in the control plane, this technology allows network operators to develop and implement ap...
  • Ajouter à votre agenda11-04-2018 - ONOS Security and Performance Analysis Brigade Workshop
    Workshop annuelle de la brigade "Security and Performance Analysis Brigade Workshop" du projet open source ONOS :
    LIP6, salle 105 (1er étage), couloir 25-26, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris
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